SBAIC成员我&A最近获得了一份为期五年的合同,为美国国际开发署在亚美尼亚执行清洁能源和水项目(CEW). The program is designed to support the country's energy and water security and improve climate resilience by providing technical assistance to support activities on integrated energy and water planning while working at the community-level to improve energy and water management practices through capacity building and the implementation of small-scale pilot projects. 本项目的首要目标是支持以下目标. 介绍可持续能源和水资源管理的综合方法2. 帮助选定流域的当地社区和企业改善可达性, 可靠性, 质量, 效率, 能源和水服务的可承受性. 3. 完善和加强水电水利法规的应用. 该项目由美国国际开发署的Water II IQC提供资金. 了解更多12betappME的知识&A在Water II IQC下实施的项目, 点击这里.